Services Offered


Individual Therapy

Individualized therapeutic interventions include:  Cognitive Behavioral, Cognitive Restructuring, Desensitization, Exposure, Interpersonal, Mindfulness, and Psychotherapy.  I also provide information and education on  Pharmacological Therapy, as well as consultation and coordination with prescribers of psychotropic medic

Relaxation Therapies

In session introduction, education, and training in the use of relaxation techniques including: Focused Breathing, Guided Relaxation, and Progressive Muscle Relaxation,  be practiced and used as needed at home, work, or in other situations.

Personality Disorders

For those suffering from, or exhibiting the symptoms of, personality disorders, who are willing to consider the negative impact of their behaviors on their interpersonal relationships, I provide psychotherapy and psycho-education to help them recognize and accept the emotional abuse, neglect, or other impairments in emotional development during their childhood that resulted in poor self-concept and a ‘hollow core’ that leads to self-defeating behaviors that maintain the poor self-concept and impair their ability to develop and maintain positive relationships. I assist them in recognizing and over coming these self-defeating behaviors through recognition thereof, and by developing inner strength and positive self-concept through Cognitive Behavioral and other recognition and change therapies.  

Special Arrangements

Early morning or evening appointments, or other specialized services, may be arranged through direct communication.

Billings and Insurance

For online counseling, I accept debit or credit and if you use it, the payment app. Venmo. For in office sessions, I accept debit, credit, personal checks, and exact cash payments at time of service. I am happy to bill insurance for you if you have it. I am a preferred provider with Ambetter, Amerigroup, Anthem, Community Health Plan of Washington, Coordinated Care of Washington, First Choice Health, Premera, and   Regence. I'm wiling to consider applying with other insurance as well, though that process usually takes several months. Additionally, I offer payment options to assist during periods of annual deductible, and sliding scale options for those without insurance.  

Cost per Session

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